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Our Mend graduate families found your session really exciting and enjoyable. Instruction given by Sharna was easy to understand and many of the children who thought they couldn't hoop where pleasantly surprised. The session gave an opportunity for both our parents and their children to join in and fun was had by all." Emma Parker, Public Health Project Manager, NHS Medway.

Learning to hula was fantastic fun for all ages and abilities. Sharna was able to engage with all service users to help them to learn a new skill - to Hula with confidence.  Sharna was able to deliver a calm, relaxed and friendly approach which made for an excellent group atmosphere.  Each week the service users were able to practice skills they has already learnt from the previous sessions and progress further, learning new skills and putting these into Hula dane sequences.  The following are some testimonials from the service users  "Sharna is great!"  "It was fantastic fun" "I really didn't think I would be able to learn how to Hula, but with Sharna's help I managed to achieve this" "I want to buy a Hula Hoop now, It's great exercise"

Probably the most innovative, fearless, generous hooper / hoopmaker / hoop teacher on the planet"  Fiona Blair, The originator of Edinburgh Hooping Info.

"If you, like me, enjoy being taught to the highest level, to attain more than just moves and tricks, then you must experience the wisdom of this generous and humble teacher .  She will support you on your journey, give inspiration and encouragement .  If you have the chance to learn from her then I highly recommend it"  Janine Haynes, Spirit Hoop Cake.

"Sharna is amazing to watch while she works. Her confidence really comes through and you can tell she loves her art.  She is also a fantastic teacher, as she can adapt her teaching style if you don't get the move on the first , second or in my case third attempt. She really is a joy to be around as her passion and spirit are contagious!"  Gininene Heath, Student .


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