The reason my business is called innerspin is because I believe that hula hooping essentially connects us in a very direct and tangible way to the spin of all of existence. It is easy to get an expansive explanation of this idea when we look up to the stars and analyse the rotation of the planets aroud their suns. It is harder to comprehend at the molecular level.  Sceince is becoming more aware of the complicated continuous vibratory spinning of lesser or greater degrees that is continually occuring. 

When you are in the hoop and it is spinning around your body in a sense you are replicating the molecular dance in our 3D reality. I believe that this is why hooping makes you feel so good (as well as the release of endorphins) due to the physical connection between your mind and body.

Whether or not Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project is a real scientist or not, I really resonate with his ideas and I feel he sums up the idea of a unification of spin very well. I would love to share this with you rignt now:



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