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"Sharna is a joy to work with and a real pioneer of the field. Her skills are outstanding and she is always pushing the boundaries. I find her a total hooping inspiration and a beautiful and positiveperson to boot. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and light with me. " Frenchy, Dreads and Hoops.

"The thing I love most about Sharna is her absolute humble-ness.  Blessed with an infinite amount of natural talent, she is always willing to share - as well as learn from others - in her own unassuming way.  Anyone lucky enough to cross paths with Sharna will always be left inspired and motivated to push themselves further than they'd ever imagined possible"  Tracey Chin, Hoop and Glory .

"Sharna is an inspirational teacher, performer and hoop Guru! She has inspired me and hundreds, quite possibly thousands, of others to pick up our hoops and see where we end up.  Sharna performed a stunning fire-hoop dance which was the high point of my wedding and our guests were gob smacked and in awe. Her grace and flair coupled with her technical expertise and accuracy makes for a riveting performance.  As a teacher she is infinitely kind and patient and, her passionate commitment to getting people hooping informs everything she does...She makes gorgeous sparkly hoops too!" Hannah Borno, freelance journalist.








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