UK Hoop Dance Links

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When I started hooping at the start of 2006 the UK hoop community was tiny.  I dreamt very hard for a community and now it is positively expansive.

Bristol is alive with hooping.  If you are looking for hooping in that area then  you should check out Hooping Mad.  In Brighton, home of Angie Mack, you can take a class from the Marvellous Jo of Livelovehoop.

A comprensive list of Uk hoopdance teachers, performers and also links for supplies can be located at the Uk Hoop Database. Facebook is a good place to find hoopers in the UK. is also a marvellous resource for connecting with other like minded spinners both in the Uk and in the rest of the world. There is a list of regional hoopers listed here

Hyperloop Hoops Jon and Skully. This is a fantastic place to discuss moves, watch video's and meet new hoopers in your area because it is based in the UK. They are both lovely people and they are planning to run a festival if enough people are interested. Go visit them and show your support.

For Instructions on how to make hoops please either visit Alan's hoop making page for instructions on how to make hoops Uk stylee. Or Why not visit the Jason Unbound page to see how it is done in the states. Or even give Natasha's video's on how to make and decorate hoops a go.

Looking for circus equipment I understand that Flames'n'games a homegrown Uk Store is the place to go.






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