I am now offering skype classes brought to you in the location of your choosing. You will need to have computer with stable internet access, web cam and skype installed Download Here

Please make sure that the floor space is big enough (at least 2.5 meters squared) and there are no breakable objects within the hoops reach. It would be helpful for us both if you create a learning environment that is clear and well lit. This will make the feedback process easier.

I recommend that you record your session through the webcam software or with a video camera so that note taking does not eat into our precious time. It would be also helpful if you would send to me what it is you want to learn so that I can create a lesson for you in advance.

Please book below via paypal and I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a time that is suitable for us both. Presently day times are more convienent for me.

On the day of the class I ask that you are on time for our session and if you need to cancel you give me at least 24 hours notice.

Please note that the following prices are of an introductory nature and are subject to change

Please see drop down menu for options

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