Hoops For Sale

If you are interested in buying a hoop then please consider the following points carefully: 1) Measurement The basic measurement should be in inches from floor to navel. 2) Body Size. If of average waisted size this measurement is generally suitable, however if you consider yourself larger than average - add a couple of extra inches, if smaller than average then you could subtract some inches from your hoop. 3) Tubing requirements: My hoops are made from 25mm and 20mm (outer diameter) black polyethylene water pipe or 20 mm PEX -A tubing.

I would recommend a larger heavier hoop for a beginner and a smaller faster hoop for someone who has dedicated time to their practice and whom incorporates more off body hooping :-) Larger heavier hoops have more space and are easier to learn tricks and dance style but take up more space when hooping. I am 5ft 2 inches and I started hooping with a 40 inch hoop. When I made my own I hooped with a 38 inch hoop. I now use a 32 inch hoop but my progression to this size has been very gradual. If you are unsure then please contact me and we can design the perfect hoop for you :-)

The pricing of my hoops is based on a sliding scale depending on the detail of the wrapping or the price and or quantity of tape materials used. They start at £13 for a small basic hoop (up to 35 inches), £15 for a medium basic hoop (36 inches to 41 inches) and £18 for a large basic hoop (over 42 inches). A basic hoop has three colours, one can be gaffer but there are no holographic, glitter or sparkly tapes. A hoop up to 41 inches costs £6 to post in the Uk, a hoop over 41 inches costs £6.50. I offer discounts on postage of several hoops or more. Please click here for a small example of bespoke hoops that I have made.

Are you ready to order then? Please go to here to see what tapes I Have in stock. You'll need to confirm that you have read my terms and conditions before I will make the order for you :-) I accept cheques and paypal :-)


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