MIND Links

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Abraham-Hicks Website about the amazing and miraclous Law of Attraction.  Buy their CD's, it will change your life :-)

Global Coherence Initiative "When Unconditional love is the outgoing energy, all benefit in the process. It's the physics of it"

Hemi Sync "The Greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations" - Robert Monroe

The Resonance Project The study of Unified Field Theory.

The 15 Minute Miracle A Fantastic way of generating and manifesting the things you want from life :-)

The Go Gratitude Project This is a marvellous project centered on Gratitude :-)

Quantum K This website, from the Uk, offers free healing and interesting insights into energics.

Cory Herter Informative and useful site that explores sacred Geometry and its healing potential.

Devon White  This man is amazing and so well worth listening to.

Tut.com  Home of the fantastic notes from the Universe.












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