Welcome the webspace of Sharna Rose. Welcome to the world of endless possibility and limitless creative fun. I hope you will discover many intriguing, informative and delightful treasures that will excite your imagination and stimulate your creative play. Before you know it you are bound to find yourself at the center of this phenomena, caught up in the vortex of pure happiness that hooping creates. This fun, alluring, enjoyable activity is mind bogglingly exciting, accesible to all and personally transformative in ways you would not believe. This personally empowering physical language, which connects mind, body and soul through moving meditation, is also a great way to keep in shape.

I am obsessed with hoop dance and I continually explore, revise and revist the physical and creative potential of it. Four times nominated Female Hooper of the Year 2008/2009/2010/2011, Twice nominated Female instructor of the year 2009/2010 and also nominated Best online tutorial 2010 by the International Hoop Dance Community (Hooping.org awards).



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